Paul Hindemith

Without Paul Hindemith's contribution to the viola literature, our instrument would be incomparably much the poorer. Hindemith was a universal artist, and a central figure not only as a composer of the first half of the 20th century, but also an internationally recognized soloist! He adored Reger’s Suites, even editing them for himself, and used them as inspiration for his first solo sonata. He as well premiered Walton's Viola Concerto and toured the world with his Amar Quartet.
Along with Lionel Tertis and later William Primrose, he was the outstanding viola virtuoso of his time. Numerous recordings are a testimonial to his great instrumental skills.

He revealed another part of his character as an illustrator, a worthy discovery for musicians, imparting much about Hindemith as a person and about his subtle humor.
The capability, that of an illustrator, connects him to our founder. Numerous drawings by Walter Witte have been preserved, which – although contrasting significantly with Hindemith’s - can be viewed during the competition.

We cannot imagine a more worthy namesake for an international viola competition in the German-speaking world and are honored to number the Hindemith Institute among our supporters!


Text: Roland Glassl 

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